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Geller ML-790 Electronic Cash Register

Discontinued-Call 0871 288 5102
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Product Description

Model ML-790 is available in two versions. It can be supplied with a raised keyboard for retailing and a flat keyboard for hospitality locations.

With its multi-line colour screen, this top-of-the-range system terminal is highly configurable for both retailing and hospitality.

ML-790's 'system in a box' concept means that virtually all requirements are met by the standard specification, making it remarkable value for money.

ML-790 can communicate directly with a PC via modem or transmit sales data across the Internet directly to your back office PC. A benefit of communicating via the Internet is that where large numbers of terminals are installed, communication is virtually instantaneous.

Using the latest technology, Model ML-790 has been designed to meet virtually all retailing and hospitality needs without the necessity for costly add-ons or extra memory.

ML-790 has enough memory for 60,000 product lines or many thousands of accounts - or a combination of the two.

Its many powerful features include TCP-IP communications for reporting via the Internet, multi-line operator screen, 2-line alphanumeric customer display (which can be sited remotely), 2-station 58 mm thermal printer, electronic journal and PCMIA flash memory slot for data and program upgrades.

The clear, bright, multi-line screen shows items as they are entered together with relevant information, reducing entry and scanning errors.

Stock control together with individual product re-order levels and suggested purchase quantities are standard features even without linking to PC.

ML-790s can operate stand-alone, linked to each other (Inter Register Communication) or to Geller back office and stock control software.

Features Include:

  • Multi-line Operator Screen
  • 2-Line Customer Display
  • Choice of Flat or Raised Button Keyboard
  • 2-Station 58 mm Thermal Printer
  • Fast, Silent Printing (65 mm per second)
  • Scanning with choice of Table-Top, Hand-Held or Presentation Scanner
  • Barcode Learning
  • Shelf Edge Labels
  • Easy Product Name/Price Change (across the IRC Network)
  • Built-in Inventory with Re-order Levels (no PC needed) or Full Stock Control via Geller back-office software
  • Mix and Match/Multi-Buy Promotions with programmable start and end dates
  • Low Order Warning
  • PC-like Reports for Stand-Alone Systems include Best/Worst Sellers and Re-Order by Supplier
  • 60,000 Price Look Ups as standard
  • Scroll Back/Error Correct and/or Voids
  • High Amount Lock Out
  • Operator Interrupt (several customers can be served at the same time)
  • Customer Hold (avoids queue build-up)
  • Floating Operator (sales can be started on one ML-780 and finalised on another)
  • One-Touch Management Report Buttons
  • Credit Accounts
  • Management Control of Security Sensitive Operations
  • Scrolling Advertising Message on Customer Display between Sales
  • Age Verification for cigarette and alcohol sales
  • Up to 16 ML-780s can be linked to each Other by Ethernet
  • Graphic Logo
  • Electronic Journal


Geller Cash Registers are fully guaranteed for 12 months, parts and labour.

This current package consists of:

  • Cash Register (Box Priced with NO Programming, NO Services, NO Support)

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